Terms and conditions of sale

Terms and conditions of sale

By hiring a skip from Pinden Ltd you agree to the following terms and conditions of use.


Permits and permissions

You warrant that all permissions required before the skip or any other hire item “Hire Item(s)” can lawfully be deposited on the Hirer’s site, including any permissions required under the Highways Act 1971,  have been obtained, before you request us or direct our driver, to deposit the Hire Item(s) on your site, and that the said permission(s) will remain in force during the period of hire, and where necessary, for up to 3 working days after. You shall ensure that all Hire Item(s) situated on the highway will be lighted and coned in accordance with the terms and conditions of the Highways Act and the issuing local authority’s demands.


Acceptance of delivery

You shall ensure that on authorised person is presented at the time of delivery to sign the acknowledgement receipt of delivery and collection of the Hire Item(s) and that such authority is signed on delivery or collection by such authorised person and not otherwise, and you agree that any delivery or collection note signed by a person with apparent authority to do so shall be deemed to be signed by your authorised representative.



You shall hold us harmless and keep us fully and effectually indemnified against any claim, demand or penalty arising during the period of hire and which could not have been made had we not agreed to provide the hire service including, but not limited thereto, all third party claims and claims for damages arising out of accidents related to Hire Item(s).


You also agree not to move the Hire Item(s) from the site without our consent.


Waste type

Where the waste type does not conform to the description, as specified on the waste transfer note, or is different to that as specified at the time the Hire Item(s) was ordered, then charges will vary accordingly.


Prohibited items

You must not place any liquids, explosives, toxic or dangerous materials (including but not limited to asbestos, solvents minerals or greases), corrosive acid, noxious substances, liquid cement or concrete, ridges, freezers, vehicle tyres, car/commercial vehicle batteries or any hazardous waste type in the Hire Item(s). The contents of the Hire Item(s) when loaded must conform to the requirements of S.I. 1980/1709 or any re-enactment thereof and the local waste regulation authority with regard omits suitability for disposal as general or special waste as a controlled waste disposal site.


If any prohibited items are placed in any Hire Item(s) you will immediately notify us. You must not fill the Hire Item(s) above the permitted level shown on the Hire Item(s).


No cans, bottles or other liquid containers are placed in the Hire Item(s) unless they are dry, free from liquid, residues and open for inspection.


You agree to pay us all reasonable charges of dealing with any of the content of the Hire Item(s) which do not comply with the terms of this contract.


You are responsible for making sure that the Hire Item(s) is properly cones where necessary during the hours of daylight and lighted during the hours of darkness and that no fires are lit in the Hire Item(s).


You will reimburse us for all our costs should the Hire Item(s) be damaged by fire, vandalism or otherwise.


No removal of the Hire Item(s) shall take place by you or a third party contractor without our prior consent.


Limitation of liability

You agree that any compensation and/or damages payment due to you by us in respect of any claim or claims arising out of, or in connection with, these terms and conditions for any reason whatever and however arising, shall be limited to cost of the hire, and in any event shall not be more than £1,000.

Except in respect of death or personal injury caused by our negligence, we shall not be liable to you by reason of any representation or any implied warranty, condition or other term, or any duty at common law, or under the expressed terms of this contract, for any consequential loss or damage (whether for loss of profit or otherwise), costs, expenses or other claims for consequential or incidental compensation whatsoever (and whether caused by our negligence or any other party entitled to the benefit of this contract, their employees, or agents, or otherwise) which arise out of, or in connection with the hire service, except expressly provided in these conditions.