Hardcore Recycling

Pinden operate a large scale aggregate recycling facility in which we process hardcore and concrete to provide various grades of aggregates. 

The hardcore and concrete material generally originates from two main sources, either directly from construction and demolition projects. The material can be delivered directly to us or we can arrange collection services utilising our Tipper Hire fleet.

The remainder of the material is from our Transfer Station. Our state of the art system segregates the hardcore from the mixed waste material. The material is then transferred to our onsite aggregate processing department. 


Our ability to process this material onsite removes the further costs of taking this material to a suitable destination. By doing this we are also decreasing the carbon emissions with the material remaining on site to be processed and not being hauled away. 

The Hardcore and Concrete material is firstly reduced in sized by our Concrete Crusher. The material then is passed through a screener this segregates the material by size to create a graded aggregate. Pinden can offer the following grades of aggregate materials:

40mm crushed concrete 70mm crushed concrete
6F1 crushed concrete 6F2 crushed concrete
Creusher run Recycled type one

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