Pinden Ltd is one of the largest waste recycling operations in Kent. We have made sustained investment to provide a modern, efficient and effective recycling service for the Kent, Essex and London area.


Our experience in recycling stretches back 20 years and during that time, our operations have developed to keep in step with changing needs and legal requirements. Our state-of-the-art machines were the first of their kind in the country and have two semi-automated picking lines for separating waste.

Recycling your waste is good for the environment. It uses less energy and reduces the demand for new resources. It also means less waste goes to landfill so it can reduce the cost of disposal of your waste. Waste arriving on site is sorted mechanically and by hand to separate materials such as concrete, wood, metal, plastics and soil. We process wood, concrete and soils on site to provide recycled products to put back into circulation.

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