Pinden Excavate chalk in our Quarry creating a range of products to buy - please just get in touch for best prices.

We create the following grades of chalk materials:

10mm CHALK

The main use for 10mm chalk is liming. This is a process used on arable farms to reduce the acidity in the soil. Crops and rain remove the alkalinity within the soil. Chalk spread over the fields just after harvesting is great natural way to level the PH balance of the soil avoiding the use of chemicals. 


40mm CHALK

Our 40mm chalk is utilised within the cement making process. Chalk is generally used as it is less abrasive than limestone reducing wear and due to its natural moisture content removes the need to add water to the process. 



Bulk chalk is a great product that is mainly used for land raising.  As the regulations tighten on the use of other materials to raise land as they are classified as wastes and require Environmental Permits. Chalk being a naturally occurring product is a great cost effective solution to this problem. 

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