Focus on recycling

Get set to hear lots about waste and recycling during September with Zero Waste Week running from 5th-9th, followed by Recycle Week from 12th-18th September.

Zero Waste Week encourages people to reduce landfill and rethink waste, with a particular focus on reducing food waste. As its name suggests, Recycle Week celebrates recycling and this year takes the theme ‘The Unusual Suspects’ to encourage people to think about items that often get forgotten when recycling at home.

At Pinden, we’re committed to recycling to keep waste from landfill and recover and reuse materials.

It means that when you hire a skip from Pinden, whether for business or home, our state-of-the-art recycling operation will recover as much as possible from your waste.

To hire a Pinden skip, please call 01474 707827 or click here.