ISO Accreditation: Our quality systems are accredited with ISO 9001. Our environmental management systems are accredited with ISO14001, and our health and safety management is accredited with OHSAS 18001.

Fleet Operator Recognition Scheme (FORS): Pinden is accredited under FORS which aims to improve freight delivery in London and throughout the UK. It is a quality and performance benchmark which underlines our credentials as a high-performing operator adhering to high quality standards – environmental, safety and efficiency.

WRAP: WRAP supports the UK recycling industry and assists in the creation of a market for recycled materials. Its priorities are to minimise the use of resources and to divert priority materials from landfill. Our recycled aggregate is produced in accordance with the WRAP Quality Protocol which provides confidence that our products meet common aggregate standards.

Environment Agency Greener Business: In 2012, the SE Environment Agency identified Pinden as a Greener Business, highlighting the fact that our activities involved in recycling construction waste has a double environmental benefit as it avoids landfill and reduces demand for new resources.

Asbestos Removal Contractors Association (ARCA): ARCA is the leading trade association in the field of asbestos management services. As a licensed provider of asbestos waste disposal, Pinden is an associate member of the organisation, which has stringent membership requirements in order to maintain the highest standards in the industry.


The Kent Business Directory: We are listed in Kent’s local Business Directory.

Home and Garden Listings: We appear in the Home and Gardens listings directory.