Commercial chalk for construction, manufacturing and soil stabilisation is supplied in various grades

Chalk: the natural choice for your business

Excavated from the extensive limestone deposits of the North Downs, Pinden quarry chalk is a pure, inert, natural product. It is free from contaminants and is of guaranteed consistency.

This makes it the natural choice for a range of business activities. It is ideal used as a bulk fill for major infrastructure or domestic building projects. Equally its chemical and physical properties give it applications in purification processes and as a manufacturing additive. Chalk has also long been used for soil stabilisation and enrichment.

We are able to provide different grades of chalk depending on your needs, from 10mm to 40mm grades or as-dug blocks for bulk fill. We also offer competitive delivery rates.

Borehole logs confirm our chalk is of a consistent quality throughout our site and data sheets, properties and chemical and moisture content analyses are available on request.

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