Pinbins skip hire helps in Kent communities

Hire a skip from Pinbins in Kent

Pinbins skip hire: helping hand

Pinbins skips have been coming in handy at local events and activities again this year.

When organisers of the 2012 Longfield festival approached Pinden to provide a skip for collecting waste, we were happy to help.

Our skips are also proving useful to members of the local allotments. We are supplying skips for collecting green waste during the clear out of old growth at the end of the season.

Pinden’s recycling operation is ideal for this type of waste as we have soil and wood recycling facilities on site.

Pinbins skip hire is one of the largest skip hire operations in Kent. Our skip hire is also good for the environment as by providing up to 100% recycling, we avoid the use of landfill.




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