Skip hire FAQs

How long can I keep the skip?
The hire period is between 1 to 14 days, providing the skip is placed on private property. We are happy to agree a slightly longer hire period if required. (Please see below for council rules on hire duration when the skip is placed on the highway)

How much notice do I need to give for a skip delivery?
We can normally arrange same day delivery as long as the skip does not require permission for the public highway. However, if you like to be organised, we can take orders for deliveries up to 3 months in advance.

What size skip should I hire?
We are often asked this question as it is hard to visualise the size of a skip in relation to the amount of waste you have. Our most popular size is the 6 yard skip (4.6 cubic metres). It is approximately the size of an average car. You can check out our full skip range here.

What if I need to put the skip on the road?
When a skip is placed on the public highway, permission is needed from the local authority. The cost, duration and conditions are different depending on the authority. We are happy to organise the licence but bear in mind the following information:

Bexley Council: 2 days notice required for application, 14 day duration
Bromley Council: 3 days notice required for application, 14 day duration
Greenwich Council: 3 days notice required for application, 30 day duration
Kent County Council: 3 days notice required for application, 7 day duration
Medway Council: 3-5 days notice required for application, 14 day duration

What access do I need for a skip?
All our skip vehicles are fitted with extending arms which can allow skips to be delivered over fences or walls up to 1 metre high. Our Mini Vehicles need approx 2.5 metres for access and our Standard Skip vehicles need approx 2.7 metres.  Our Small Lorries are weight restricted and can lift up to 3.5 tonnes. Height restriction is 3.5 metres.
If the skip is being placed on private property, it is advisable to be aware of the following:
Manhole covers
Overhead cables
Paving slabs
Overhanging trees
Block paving

What am I allowed to put in the skip?
We can take most types of waste except:
Fridge/ Freezers
Coshh (paint, oils, diesel and petrol)
Special or hazardous waste

(Skips for Asbestos waste can be hired separately through the office with site registration and consignment notes arranged – click here for information)

How do I pay for the skip?
We can take payment over the phone using a credit or debit card which incurs no extra cost. This is ideal if you do not plan to be in at the time of delivery. A cash payment can be made to the driver on the day, although due to safety reasons, our drivers do not carry a cash float, so the correct money is appreciated.
Cheques are no longer accepted.

What do I do when I have finished with the skip?
When the skip is full, a simple call to the office notifying us of collection is all that is required. Removal can take a few days. If you require urgent removal, we will happily schedule the collection for an allotted date.