Zero Waste to Landfill

Zero waste to landfill is the next big thing in recycling and sustainable waste management for companies committed to environmental targets.

Many companies have already committed to it including Du Pont, Walmart and General Motors, not to mention local authorities and even New Zealand and Scotland. For them, the mantra is reduce, re-use, recycle, recover.

Pinden is able to help our customers with their zero waste to landfill ambitions. The waste brought to our site is recycled and recovered avoiding the need for landfill. Our recycling operation handles construction and industrial waste as well as green waste and waste brought in through our skip hire business.

The waste is sorted and separated. Construction waste is then crushed to produce recycled aggregates for reuse by the construction industry. Timber is shredded and used by industry or in fueling power stations. Green waste is filtered to recover soil which is used again after revitalisation for landscaping projects. Plastics and metals are separated for further specialist recycling. Any residual waste is then used for energy generation.

In this way, our customers can work with us to meet their commitments to stringent environmental goals for sustainable waste management in their waste management plans.

If you want to join the move to zero waste to landfill, give us a call.