Sustainable waste management

Pinden Ltd is committed to sustainable waste management. We have a sophisticated recycling operation on our site which sorts and recycles all types of general waste from our skip hire and waste management activities.

From these activities we recover a variety of recycled products including aggregates, soils, and timber. The small amount of waste that cannot be recycled or composted is then used in energy generation.

In this way, Pinden is able to offer a sustainable waste management service to businesses which are looking for more than simply a contractor to remove their waste. With the developing commitment to zero waste to landfill, our service, which includes the production of waste and recycling analysis reports, enables businesses to meet commitments laid down in their waste management plans.

Give us a call about our sustainable waste management service which includes zero waste to landfill. And read more about our waste management reports to enable businesses to see a breakdown of the types of waste they produce and how it has been recycled.